Open Publication Distribution System

Often abbreviated as OPDS and sometimes referred to as OpenPub, Open Publication Distribution System is an implementation of the Atom Syndication Format.

In a nutshell, it is a mechanism by which digital book publishers can make their catalog directly available to digital book readers without the user needing to separately and import the digital book into their library.

When a user is using a digital book viewer that supports the Open Publication Distribution System, the user simply needs to enter the URI of the publisher’s OPBS feed and the user will be able to browse the publisher’s catalog and directly buy or download the digital books directly. In the case of Pipfrosch Press, all digital books are free, so you will just be able to download them directly.

Our feed is not live yet, but the code for it is (mostly) finished and being tested.

If you understand Python and look at the code at that link, you will see that we are creating two distinct feeds:

  1. One feed for ePub publications that make normal use of italicized text, including binomial and trinomial nomenclature.
  2. One feed for ePub publications that make greatly reduced use of italized text.

The purpose of the second feed is so that for users where italicized text can trigger learning disabilities (such as dyslexia but not exclusively), they can have their digital book viewer subscribe to the feed that only offers the versions of the ePub books that have greatly reduced italicized text.

When the Alpha2 release of Journal of Mammalogy Volume 1 is ready, the OPDS system will likely be ready as well.