OPDS for Pipfrosch Press

I’ve begun work on the Open Publication Distribution System (abbreviated as OPDS) implementation for Pipfrosch Press.

At present the system is not live, but in the Alpha2 branch of github project for the Journal of Mammalogy Volume 1 ePub is the beginning of the Python 3 script that will be used for the acquisition links: generateOPDS.py.

That script gets some things from the ePub OPF file but some things are currently hard-coded.

In the future there will be a JSON file containing data needed for OPDS generation that is not in the OPF file. In the future it will also OPDS 2 as well as 1.x but OPDS 2 is not yet finalized (OPDS 2 is itself JSON based).

The OPDS catalog will allow searching ePub volumes by journal (when applicable), by category (e.g. vertebrate or mammal or carnivore or bird or songbird etc.), and author.

There will actually be two feeds. One for the ‘normal’ version that makes standard use of italicized text, for things like binomial and trinomial nomenclature, and one feed that is for the same ePub content but with italicized text use greatly reduced.

The idea is to allow users to easily get the content they want from withing their ePub viewer without needing to download it separately. Not all ePub viewers support OPDS but some do.

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