Journal of Mammalogy Volume 1 Preview 1

With much thanks to Tyus D. Williams for providing the photograph used for the cover image, I am happy to announce the first preview of Journal of Mammalogy Volume 1 as an ePub 3 eBook.

Please note, this is not finished yet and it has a lot of work left to do:

  1. Only articles from Number 1 are included, 2–5 still need to be transcribed.
  2. The unified bibliography undoubtedly still has many typographical errors and formatting errors.
  3. The glossary needs many entries added.
  4. The images for Plates 1 and 2 have to be recreated
  5. The auxiliary content is no doubt full of errors and some of it needs academic referenced added
  6. other stuff

That being said, the transcription for all articles in Number 1 is finished and I will soon start working on transcribing Number 2.


(links below image)

Journal of Mammalogy Volume 1 ePub cover imageFor the ‘regular’ ePub 3 preview: JoM-V001.kepub.epub

A version (identical content) with greatly reduced use of italicized text and no ligatures is also available: JoM-V001-noitalics.kepub.epub

If you do not have an ePub viewer, please see the ePub Viewers page.

I anticipate having another preview available in the first week of July with much more content added.


The source for the ePub is being hosted at github:

You can report issues either there or in the comment section below.

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