A WordPress Theme being designed specifically for (and by) pipfrosch.com. This theme is in use but it is far from finished. It will not be distributed through the normal WordPress channels, I will not limit what I can do with this theme to the WordPress guidelines. And I do not want to commit fixing issues that do not impact pipfrosch.com.

The theme is a fork of Simone. I chose Simone because it did not have too much eye candy that interfered with things, though it is a bit outdated.

The Simone theme has not been updated by its creator in a few years though it actually worked fairly well out of the box. Some components in it I have already updated, I changed how webfonts were served, few other things, but it is still very much a work in progress.

The fork is at this point being worked on slowly. When I am happy with it, I will provide a zip archive for it, but I will not submit it to WordPress.