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CopyLeft Figures

Some figures produced for Pipfrosch Press are being released under a copyleft license.

Generally speaking the figures released here are vector versions of bitmap figures I wanted to use but preferred to have as vector images due to typesetting reasons. If I wanted an existing bitmap figure as vector, I figured other people might as well, and it would be rather selfish for me not to allow my vector version of someone else's bitmap figure to be used.

[Rana kauffeldi map]
Image is a link to figure page

Rana kauffeldi Range Map

This is a vectorized version of the range map that appears in Feinberg, Newman, et. al. (2014) on page 4 (Figure 1).

The figure is available in two base versions. One has full compliance with the terms of the license embedded in the image itself and the second has most of what is needed to comply with the license embedded in the image itself.

The figure is available in the SVG, PDF, and EPS vector image formats as well as in the rasterized PNG image format. It is released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 copyleft license.

Link to figure page: Rana kauffeldi Range Map