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Illustrations Needed

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Illustrations Needed

These are illustration(s) that are currently needed for upcoming Pipfrosch Press Articles

Schreber 1782 Figure IV

The following illustration is from the Schreber 1782 article that describes Rana pipiens:

Northern Leopard Frog illustration
Schreber 1782 Figure IV

I need a version of that figure done in color appropriate for Rana pipiens.

The illustration does not have to be exact color version of that drawing but should be in the same pose and close enough that it is obviously based on that illustration.

Spots of same shape and relative size in relation to the tympanum (ear, behind eye) are important, as is a spot on the nose. Those are features that often help distinguish the Northern Leopard Frog from similar species.

Preference is for something drawn using an analog medium and then scanned or photographed at a high resolution, and separated from background canvas so it can be places on digital white canvas that will print without needing ink for the background.

I would want the illustration released under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA or similar copyleft license, so that others writing articles referencing Schreber’s original species description can optionally use it.

If you are a science illustrator who can do this, please email me: pipfroschpress@gmail.com and let me know how much it might cost so that I can budget for it. I will not be able to afford it until I have budgeted for it, but I will not ask you to start until I can pay for it.

Thank you.