The Who

The Who is a London band that formed in 1964 with an original lineup of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Who is Pipfrosch Press?

Right now Pipfrosch Press is just Michael A. Peters. This will hopefully change.

Michael A. Peters

Michael A Peters—who sometime goes by the name ‘Alice’ online as both a shout-out to Lewis Carroll, the ‘Alice and Bob’ cryptography tutorials, and to The Matrix—is a naturalist and a conservationist who was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where he had the excellent fortune to attend the same church as Dr. Robert C. Stebbins and his wife Anna Rose.

He was one of the first citizen scientists involved in the NAHERP project, being the 25th member to sign up, where he provided numerous records from Shasta County, California, particularly in the vicinity of Redding. He now is somewhat active in iNaturalist, with a particular interest in documenting what he finds along the Marsh Creek Trail in Contra Costa County.

Politically, he believes that socialism and capitalism are intended to work together. A Yin and Yang relationship. Either without the other is an extreme position that leads to oppression. He is often accused of being a rabid socialists because in our current society, the balance is way out of whack towards capitalism so he fights to bring socialist ideas into it, not needing to fight to bring the capitalist ideas into it as they are already present. This frustrates him greatly, as long as society perceives economics as the false dichotomy of being one or the other then balance between the two will never be achieved and the society will always be an oppressive one.

His biggest ecological fears are the impacts of climate change, alteration of the watershed, invasive species, and the loss of natural predators that help keep the ecology in balance—such as the decline in Beavers that result from Elk over-grazing the young willow, aspen, and cottonwood when there are not wolves to hunt them. The decline in beavers means less habitat for fish, frogs, and birds that utilize the pools created by the beaver dams.

Michael is also a passionate advocate for Open Access to scientific publications, and that access includes content accessibility for those who have access barriers that results from a disability.