The Where

Pipfrosch Press is an Internet company, using the website address to conduct business. Currently there is not a public office.

Pipfrosch Press has a github account at where some of the technology developed by Pipfrosch Press will be publicly shared and where some of the ePub content, in its unpacked source form, will be publicly shared and developed.

If you wish to communicate by e-mail, use the address

Pipfrosch Press does not currently have a public phone number.

Pipfrosch Press does not have a public office location. This makes person to person meetings difficult but not impossible.

I (Michael A. Peters) am socially awkward and generally prefer digital contact with people I do not know, and until the current pandemic is over that is the only way I have contact with others as there are people where I live who are at very high risk if they should contract the virus. I do not wish to become the vector by which that happens.

Once the pandemic is over (according to actual scientists, not those with a blatant stock market conflict of interest) there are some options for meeting if a non-digital meeting is preferred or necessary.

If you are in Contra Costa County and would like to meet, please be aware that due to epilepsy I am not allowed to drive, so the most convenient meeting places are near my current residence. The Marsh Creek Trail segment between Sunset Rd and Delta Rd is a nice place to meet for a walk.

Big Break Regional Shoreline is another option, it is a bit of an effort for me to get there but the effort is well worth it and it has picnic tables for a meeting that does not involve walking.

There is also a Panera near Lone Tree and Empire in Antioch that I sometimes enjoy if meeting in a very public place is preferred.

It is possible for me to get to a BART station and get wherever BART can take me, but please understand that is an incredible time commitment on my part.