Pipfrosch Press is a Natural History and Citizen Science company.

Initially Pipfrosch Press will be focused on publishing existing academic journal articles—mostly that have aged into the public domain—in the ePub 3.2 format. The quality of these publications will be high.

A digital ePub field guide for Contra Costa County is also planned and partially already in the works.

All publications will be Open Access publications, meaning those who do not have the financial means to purchase what is produced will still have full complete access to the content without barriers. It is my hope that those who can afford to pay for the resources will choose to donate to help cover the costs involved so that more high quality publications will be provided.

Pipfrosch Press also wants to be an activity company for guided nature hikes within urban areas. I hope to soon be offering such guided hikes myself along the Marsh Creek Trail. I really hope that other naturalists will choose to do the same with urban trails where they are located.

Guided hikes in remote areas are possible but they tend to exclude those who have mobility disabilities and they also would require at least one person who is very well trained in first aid. In many respects I would rather focus on urban trails and leave guided hikes in remote areas to other organizations.

For more detailed information, please see The Who, The What, The Where, The When, The Why, and The How.